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Archive: June 2007

Back on the Job, Sort Of

Attentive readers will have noticed that I've not been posting much lately. I can't say with any certainty that that is about to change, but I'm hoping to be a bit better through the summer.

Most immediately, I've updated my contact information on the contact page. I was receiving several thousand emails per week. Spam emails, not letters from readers, so I decided to pull the plug on my old email account. If you've sent an email to the old john@NoApparentMotive.org address any time in the last year, you can be sure that I haven't received it. My apologies. I've posted a new contact email address on the "Contact Me" page. I'm hoping that Gmail's email filter will help with the spam. But, don't forget that a machine at Google will read all your email. So, if you have anything sensitive or confidential to write, be elliptical or use some form of encryption!

Heterodox Economic Development Texts

The listserv of the Union of Radical Political Economists (URPE) recently had a series of posts recommending non-standard economic development texts. I've pulled together the suggestions below. Mathew Forstater, Laura Ebert, Khalil Tian Shahyd, Julio Huato, Kathy McAfee, Peter Kriesler, Roz, and Siobhan McGrath all contributed to the list.

I am embarrassed to say that I haven't read a single book on the list (I'm interested in the topic, but don't actually work in this area). Nevertheless, I would add three titles that I can't believe didn't make it: Ha-Joon Chang's Kicking Away the Ladder; his book with Ilene Grabel, Reclaiming Development: An Alternative Economic Policy Manual; and Victor Bulmer-Thomas's The Political Economy of Central America since 1920.

In alphabetical order by author or editor: