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Archive: September 2008

Three new papers

I've got three new papers out this month. The first, with CEPR's Rebecca Ray and Janet Gornick of the Graduate Center at CUNY, is on "Parental Leave Policies in 21 Countries: Assessing Generosity and Gender Equality."

The second looks at "Unions and Upward Mobility for Latino Workers" and is also available in Spanish.

The most recent paper, released today, asks: "The Reagan Question: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago?" Short answer: 23 of 25 selected indicators of economic well-being and economic performance are worse in 2008 than they were in 2000. The CEPR page where you can download the report also includes a section for comments. Let me know if you think I missed anything or got anything wrong.

World Day Against Software Patents

Today is World Day Against Software Patents. Here is the press release from the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure.