New and improved

This is the first entry in the new and improved blog. I’ve decided to abandon my old, clunky, hand-rolled blog in favor of a new, efficient, and pretty feature-rich WordPress version. (The specific WordPress theme is called plainspace.)

New features include an RSS feed, a search bar, automatic archives, and a (moderated) comments section.

You can still access the old version of the blog through the menu near the top of the side bar on the right.

I’m sure that I’ll be tinkering with the layout over the next while. There are still lots of minor decisions left to make about design and appearance. (And I’m still trying to figure out why the CSS validates, but the HTML does not –see the icons at the bottom of the sidebar.)

With any luck, now that it will be a lot easier to post, I’ll be posting more frequently. We’ll see!

UPDATE 09/15/10: Resolved the CSS and HTML validation problems by (1) reinstalling header.php page, which I had tinkered with and invalidated in some way; and (2) trying a new Twitter plug-in “Twitter for WordPress“.


  1. John Schmitt - Elder says:

    Well, I just thought I would randomly check the status of the blogs I follow – some of the time (as opposed to follow every day). Quite a nice change – very clean, very crisp – like a mint.
    JohnS Philadelphia

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