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Teachers, unions

Matt Yglesias at ThinkProgress hasn’t always taken the kindest view of teacher’s unions. Yesterday, however, he took one step back from the specifics of education reform and eloquently made the broader political case for unions in this country: The real impact of teachers being in a union I think is that in addition to whatever […]

Poverty round-up

Yesterday, the Census released its annual report on “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage” (pdf) in the United States. The new data cover 2009 and paint a pretty bleak picture of the social impact of the Great Recession. Poverty was up, median family income was down, health-insurance coverage declined (especially coverage through employers). Several quick […]

A tale of two graphs

In an interview published Sunday, the US Treasury’s Chief Economist Alan Krueger told the Financial Times that: “The jobs situation – as difficult as it is – has actually started to improve earlier than in the last two recoveries.” Today, Ezra Klein picked up on this same point, running with this graph from a post […]

New and improved

This is the first entry in the new and improved blog. I’ve decided to abandon my old, clunky, hand-rolled blog in favor of a new, efficient, and pretty feature-rich WordPress version. (The specific WordPress theme is called plainspace.) New features include an RSS feed, a search bar, automatic archives, and a (moderated) comments section. You […]