Recovery looks like a recession

Michael Powell and Motoko Rich have a nice story in today’s New York Times: “Across the U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession.”

The story includes a superb graphic:

New York Times projection of employment growth, 1990-2020

Source: New York Times.

Which is the employment analog to a Washington Post graph of GDP that I wrote about in an earlier post:

Washington Post projections of GDP, 2000-2020

Source: Washington Post.

Both of which look a lot like a graph from a report that Tessa Conroy and I wrote last summer:

CEPR employment projections, 2007-2020s

Source: CEPR.

The main difference (besides the much higher production values at the New York Times and the Washington Post) is that we weren’t willing to be (publicly) as pessimistic as the Times and the Post, which include scenarios where growth going forward continues only at roughly the pace of 2010.

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