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Glucose and caffeine

Researchers at the University of Barcelona have demonstrated that a combination of caffeine and glucose (think coffee and pastry) “improves cognitive performance in terms of sustained attention and working memory by increasing the efficiency of the areas of the brain responsible for these two functions.” Earlier research from the same team also “revealed improvements in […]


CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot has written his own version of the Quantitative Easing video I mentioned in an earlier post. This one gets the economics right (but maybe isn’t quite as funny as the original).

The Health Care Is Too Damn High

My CEPR colleague, Alan Barber, has put together his own xtranormal video on the federal deficit. The cuddly creature on the left sounds a lot like the US media, and the one on the right does a pretty good imitation of CEPR co-director, Dean Baker.

The Ben Bernank

Adorable cartoon characters explain Quantitative Easing, sort of. But I couldn’t stop laughing. (Via and BTS.)

Ex-offenders and the labor market

Kris Warner and I have a new paper (pdf) out today on the impact that the large and growing population of ex-offenders has on the US labor market. First, we estimate the size of the ex-offender population. Based on several different methods, we conclude that there are about 6 million ex-prisoners and about 13 million […]

Federal pay in USA Today

USA Today had a big, front-page story yesterday reporting that the “number of federal workers earning $150,000 or more a year has soared tenfold in the past five years and doubled since President Obama took office.” The piece provides a lot of useful numbers, but is short on context. As written, headlined, and positioned in […]

Veterans Day

Just a thank you to our nation’s many veterans for their service.

CPS migration data

Greg Kaplan and Sam Schulhofer-Wohl of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis have an interesting new paper that suggests that much of the recently reported decline in interstate migration may simply be a statistical artifact. In particular, the recession, at least through 2009, has not reduced mobility more than would have been predicted based on […]

DMCA Take-Down Letter

Some time last week, the company that hosts my website received a sternly worded letter from Kilpatrick Stockton LLP, Attorneys at Law, instructing the data center to remove a file on my web site from their server. The file that the lawyers wanted taken down was a pdf version of a report called “US Banks: […]

“We live in a mendocracy”

“We live in a mendocracy. As in: rule by liars,” says Rick Perlstein in an important and depressing analysis of Tuesday’s elections.