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2010 Human Development Report

The always interesting Resilience Science blog has posted a very pretty graph from the 2010 edition of the United Nation’s Human Development Report. The graph shows the Human Development Index score for a large selection of the world’s countries every five years from 1970 through 2010. See the 11.2 megabyte pdf file for all the […]

Long road ahead

The economy added 151,000 jobs today, twice the consensus forecast. Relative to the experience since December 2007, when the recession officially got under way, that is great news. But, we have dug ourselves into a very deep hole and the potential labor force continues to grow every month as the population grows. As Tessa Conroy […]

Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Record

The Washington Post has pulled together an interesting interactive map of Sarah Palin’s endorsements in the 2010 election cycle (including primaries). Overall, Palin’s candidates won in 32 of 59 races, with 5 races still up in the air. Palin Tea Party endorsees lost big, though, in several Senate races that would likely have gone Republican […]

The New Axis of Evil

See the original, with commentary, here. (Via Media Matters, via Krugman.)

Kevin Drum posts most important Social Security chart ever

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones posts this graph, which he rightly calls: “The Most Important Social Security Chart Ever.” As Drum writes: “What’s important is that, unlike Medicare, Social Security costs don’t go upward to infinity. They go up through about 2030, as the baby boomers retire, and then level out forever. And the long-term […]

Another depressing forecast

Mark Thoma reports on the San Franciso Fed’s latest projections for growth through the end of 2012. A pretty depressing picture: