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Daniel Tucker at Busboys & Poets, January 28, 2011

Daniel Tucker at Busboys & Poets, January 28, 2011

Last Friday, I caught activist and documentarian Daniel Tucker at the 14th & V Busboys and Poets, where he was presenting his new book, with Amy Franceschini, “Farm Together Now.” Tucker and Joel Greeno (Family Farm Defenders), Bob St. Peter (Food for Maine’s Future) and Dena Hoff (Northern Plains Resource Council) spoke for an hour about the book and the state of farming in America today.

As Tucker explained it, his book isn’t about what is wrong with farming –that material he says has been well covered by others. Instead, “Farm Together Now” looks at a selection of 20 farms –family farms, community farms, communes, for-profit, non-profit, rural and even urban farms– that have undertaken the task of changing farming from the ground up.

The book consists of a series of smart interviews with farmers at all 20 farms. Along with the interviews, Tucker provides key background and context  –location, soils, crops, techniques, organizational structure, philosophy– and Franceschini contributes some great photography that gives a deeper feel for each operation.

I’m still working my way through it, but this is a great book. Don’t take my word for it: food writer and activist Michael Pollan picked it as his “Favorite Food Book of 2010.”

You can find out more at the book’s web site and you can order a copy here.

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