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Protestors occupying Wisconsin state house

Source: neon tommy, Annenberg Digital News.

I was on NPR’s “Tell Me More” with Michel Martin today (taped yesterday) talking about public-sector unions and the situation in Wisconsin. I was opposite former Reagan administration official Linda Chavez, who takes a pretty hard anti-union line.

You can listen to the 12 minute segment here, and here is the transcript.

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  1. Robert Bendixen says:

    It’s amazing how Gov. Walker has no problem cutting the capital gains tax so the wealthiest people in Wisconsin can have more money in their pockets while the teachers, police and firemen need to cut their salaries to solve the deficit problem. In addition, Gov. Walker demands they give up their right for future bargaining power. It is sad to see the division of the classes in this country getting bigger due to political agendas. A real fiscally conservative govenor would require everyone to sacrafice in order to resolve the states budget problem.

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