AAPI Worker Report

AAPI workers by US state

Yesterday, CEPR released a 68-page report (pdf) on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workers, prepared by researchers at CEPR and UCLA’s Center for Labor Research and Education. The document reviews a large amount of government data from 1960 through 2010 to describe the growth, diversity, and challenges facing AAPI workers.

The report looks at a comprehensive set of indicators, including employment, unemployment, earnings, health-insurance coverage, disabilities, educational attainment, language difficulties, and many others. But, probably my favorite graph is this one, which shows the size of the AAPI workforce (as a share of the total workforce), along with the “official” definition used in government surveys of who was and was not ethnically Asian or Pacific Islander. Let’s just say that it took a long time to settle on a set of definitions that accurately captures and reflects this highly diverse part of the American experience. (Click to enlarge.)

AAPI workforce as a share of the total workforce, by definition in place in each year

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