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Progress for the Poor

I spent some of the long Thanksgiving weekend reading Lane Kenworthy‘s short new book Progress for the Poor (Oxford University Press, 2011). In just over 100 pages of text and graphs (plus another 50 of notes, references, and technical details), Kenworthy gives a superb and accessible analysis of anti-poverty programs in the wealthiest OECD countries. […]

Politics Matter

In a new CEPR report (pdf),¬†Alexandra¬†Mitukiewicz and I argue that the national political environment, not globalization or technology, is the most important factor driving long-run changes in unionization rates in the United States and other rich economies. Since 1980, changes in union coverage (the share of the workforce covered by a collective bargaining agreement) are […]

It is Nigel Tufnel Day

It goes to 11. Only happens once every century. (h/t: TT and VR)

Reposted: Plutonomy Blogging at 32,000 Feet

The following is a reposted entry from October 26, 2009. I’m prompted to repost (from the old version of the blog) because earlier today I received a take-down letter from Citigroup’s attorneys. REPOST: The plane I’m on right now has free WiFi, so I can’t resist a quick post with a link to the Citigroup […]

Another Take Down Letter

I’ve just received my second Digital Millenium Copyright Act take-down letter. As before, the letter is from the Kilpatrick Townsend, Attorneys At Law, and, as before, the letter is on behalf of their client, Citigroup. This time, Kilpatrick Townsend has asked me to remove a copy of a Citigroup research report on “plutonomy” that was […]