Another Take Down Letter

I’ve just received my second Digital Millenium Copyright Act take-down letter. As before, the letter is from the Kilpatrick Townsend, Attorneys At Law, and, as before, the letter is on behalf of their client, Citigroup.

This time, Kilpatrick Townsend has asked me to remove a copy of a Citigroup research report on “plutonomy” that was featured in Michael Moore’s documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story.” I wrote a post on the report in October 2009 (scroll down, this is from before I started using permalinks on the old version of my blog) and included a link to a pdf version of the document, which I had also uploaded on to my own site.

As before, I will comply with their request. But, I will also point out how absurd this whole process is. To start with, a quick Google search will show that the file remains widely available on the internet. Citigroup is trying to empty the sea with a bucket. Of course, that Sisyphean task is practically the whole point for the law offices of Kilpatrick Townsend. I imagine that they have a team of trained Googlers, who bill by the hour to hunt down unauthorized copies of Citigroup research documents. When they find a document, which can’t take long because I just found several, the firm sends out a take-down letter, written by lawyers who bill by the hour. And when the firm gets really lucky, a blogger or an ISP fights back, and then Kilpatrick Townsend gets to spend more billable hours squabbling with somebody on the internets who is unhappy about something.

I’ll repost my original plutonomy post –minus the link to the Citigroup memo, of course– immediately after I get this post up.

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