Graphabulous No. 5: Men’s 100 meter dash

It has been a while since I’ve posted a graphabulous, but I couldn’t pass this one up. The New York Times has constructed a tremendous chart to show us just how much faster Usain Bolt is than every other Olympic medalist in the history of the event.

The vertical axis shows each Olympic year (no Olympics in 1940 or 1944, and an extra unofficial “intermediary” Olympics in 1906). The horizontal axis shows the number of meters, based on their finishing time, that each of the medalists would have finished behind Bolt had they all been running in the same race. Gold, silver, and bronze circles represent gold, silver, and bronze finishers, with a few of the gold-medal winners named.

Summary of Olympic medalists, men's 100-meter dash

Source: New York Times.

(H/T: Gerardo Esquivel.)

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