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AFL-CIO on what went wrong

The AFL-CIO has a new series of infographics on why we’re in the mess we’re in. Here’s the first in the series:

The Minimum Wage as an Anti-Inequality Policy

I am a big fan of the kind of journalistic exercise that David Leonhardt recently launched at the New York Times Economix blog. He has decided to take a detailed look, in multiple installments, at “The 14 Potential Causes of the Income Slump.” Yesterday, Leonhardt had a long post in this series with the headline […]

Bad Jobs on the Rise

Janelle Jones and I have a new CEPR report out today: “Bad Jobs on the Rise” (pdf). This report follows up on the one we did in July called “Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?” (pdf). From the executive summary: …we define a bad job as one that pays less than $37,000 per year […]

Labor Day Lessons from Canada

My CEPR colleague, Kris Warner, has a new paper on what we can learn about labor law here in the United States from the experience of our neighbors in Canada. The whole paper is worth a read, but I particularly like two of the graphs. The first shows that Canada and the United States were on […]