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The States and Full Employment

State governments spend a lot of money —usually in the form of tax breaks for companies— trying to bring jobs to their states. The problem with this kind of race-to-the-bottom strategy is that the most they can hope to achieve is to shift jobs from one state to another, leaving total national employment unchanged. When […]

Part-time Work Isn’t Driving inequality

By John Schmitt and Milla Sanes In 2012, about one-in-five workers is in a part-time job (following the Bureau of Labor Statistics definition of working fewer than 35 hours per week). The rate is higher for women (26.1 percent in October 2012) than for men (13.5 percent), but what is most striking about the chart […]

Furniture workers

President Obama’s victory speech last night was a corker (video). (Mitt Romney’s concession wasn’t bad either, actually.) One paragraph in the president’s speech, though, struck me as going straight to an important policy, even philosophical, limitation of the conventional framing of economic mobility and opportunity: We believe in a generous America, in a compassionate America, […]

47% Off

All Saints Day