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Studying the studies on the minimum wage

In a full page ad in today’s Politico, the conservative Employment Policies Institute (not to be confused with the progressive Economic Policy Institute) claims that “85 percent of the most credible economic research from the last 20 years” demonstrates that the minimum wage “reduces opportunities for the least-skilled jobseekers.” In making that claim, the Employment […]

Maddow on Minimum Wage

On her show last Thursday, Rachel Maddow ran an exceptionally good six-minute segment on the politics and economics of the minimum wage. It was all made even better by a reference to my recent CEPR report (pdf) that tries to explain why the available academic research so consistently finds little or no employment impact of increases […]

Gender, Debt, and Dropping Out

The latest issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal, Gender and Society, has an excellent paper by Rachel Dwyer, Randy Hodson, and Laura McCloud on “Gender, Debt, and Dropping Out of College” (which is, unfortunately, behind a paywall). The new paper finds strong evidence for one of the arguments that Heather Boushey and I made in […]

Minimum effects

In his State of the Union addresss on Tuesday, President Obama proposed increasing the federal minimum wage as part of a broader agenda to support the middle class. The next day, CEPR released a report (pdf) I had (with great serendipity) recently finished reviewing the large body of research on the employment effects of the […]