Universal Basic Income and the Welfare State

Source: Reuters/Denis Balibouse via Salon.

This morning, Salon’s Josh Eidelson posted an interview he did with me earlier in the week. The starting point of the conversation was a Swiss proposal to pay every adult in the country about $2,800 per month –with no strings attached. But, we covered a lot of other ground, mostly about the past, present, and future of the welfare state in Europe and the United States.

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  1. Andrew watt says:

    Hi John
    Not sure about the CH proposal but normally with these bais income schemes the idea is that they indeed replace all state benefits at least those that are not social insurance in the narrow sense. Public services is a different mater however. The ending of co ditional benefits is supposed to bring major savings in terms of admin. I Am sceptical. Targeting a d thus conditionality seems to me quite sensible. Best A.

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