Women and Unions

Earlier this week, CEPR released a short issue brief, prepared by Nicole Woo and me, on the union wage and benefit advantage for women workers.

The unionization rate for women (and men) has been falling steadily for decades.

Unionization rate, by gender, 1983-2012

But, women are a growing share of the shrinking unionized workforce and are on their way to being a majority of the union workers by 2023.

Women as a share of total union workforce, 1983-2012, with projections through 2025

On average, after controlling for a range of factors including age, education, and state of residence, unionized women make about 13 percent more per hour than non-union women. Women in unions are also about 20 percentage points more likely than non-union women to have employer-provided health insurance and an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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