Beyond Secular Stagnation

Cover of Dissent, Summer 2014The new issue of Dissent has a special section, organized by SEIU Chief Economist Mark Levinson and me, on alternatives to economic stagnation. As Mark and I write in an introduction: “The special section seeks to provide a fuller, progressive answer to the question of how we should respond to stagnation. One common theme of the essays … is that ‘recovery’ from the economic crisis is not enough.”

The section features pieces by Dean Baker (CEPR) and Jared Bernstein (CBPP) on the importance of full employment; Heather Boushey (Washington Center for Equitable Growth) on the economics and politics of work-life balance policies; Amy Hanauer (Policy Matters Ohio) on progressive economic policy innovation at the state and local level; Alan Aja (Brooklyn College), Daniel Bustillo (Columbia University), William Darity, Jr. (Duke University), and Darrick Hamilton (The New School) on how to build a “race-fair” America; and Jennifer Taub (Vermont Law School) on how to fix our broken financial system.

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